Adult Ministry

This ministry serves the adults of the ministry by providing support to men and women who are single parents, married, single, widowed or divorced.  Special sessions are held to focus on Real Life Issues of men and women every 3rd Sunday at 10am. Special attention is placed on church activities that provide the wholesome fellowship that enriches the adult believer’s life.

Livin’ Out Loud: PFCC Young Adult Ministry

The objective of LOL is to assist in training our young men and women, ages 13-23. By utilizing Bible studies and outings such as camping, special services and other activities, the young adults will be taught the Word of God. In time, they will learn to be mighty warriors for the Lord.

Children’s Ministry

Our love for children has provided us with many opportunities to teach them. We utilize videos, teaching aids, and outings that help bring God’s picture of love into the lives our little ones. Children can also participate in the Music Ministry and Junior Usher Board.

Ambassador’s Ministry

The goal of our ambassadors is to acquaint new members to Praise Fellowship Christian Church, develop relationships, and assist them with their steps towards a life in Christ.

Prayer Ministry

The emphasis is to be effective through prayer and see results in families, the church, the community, the city and the entire world.  Intercessory prayer is held weekly.

Christian Education

Christian Education is provided to the entire body of Praise Fellowship. Adult, Youth, and Children’s classes are available for all guests of PFCC. Classes include Sunday School, weekly Christian Family Study sessions and much more.

Discovery Class

Classes 101 and 202 are designed for new Christians and members. New members attend Discovery as their introduction to Christian principles taught at Praise Fellowship. These classes will set you on fire for God as you begin to understand the basic foundations of Christianity.

Audio/Visual Ministry

Sunday morning services and Christian Family Studies are recorded weekly and are available to support Bible studies and a daily walk with God.


Music Ministry

Members of our Music Ministry provide our services with songs of praise and adoration to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

God’s Glory Praise Dancers

God’s Glory presents praise and worship through dance.  Women, men, young adults and children are all invited to participate.  

Information Management

Information Management Department develops materials for ministry events and maintains the ministry’s membership database, website and Facebook page.  The department also assists the Pastor with training for the ministry that helps the staff develop as leaders and helps the membership develop as contributors to the work of the ministry. 

Finance Department

The finance department approves all expenditures and coordinates fundraisers and all finances of the ministry.

Usher Board

The Ushers are responsible for facilitating the services, collecting offering and seating members and guests.


The security team provides security in our internal and external environment.


The Hospitality team oversees all of our fellowships and provides support to families during memorial services. Continental breakfast is served each Sunday morning from 9:30-10:00.  

Pastor’s Aide

This team coordinates all functions for the Pastor and his family.  


Evangelism Department

Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is a mandate for all Christians. Our members go into the neighborhoods, hospitals and prisons to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who will listen.

Community Development

We believe in making changes in our environment by working in the community by engaging with our police and government representatives through the Eastmont Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council.


Community Outreach

We have a vision for our community which is to bring LIFE, Love, Involvement, Fellowship and Education to our Church, Community and City.  As part of our mission we work with others who are working to help raise the standards and living conditions in our community.  Praise Fellowship Christian Church offers many events during the year to help those in our community with basic necessities:

• Monthly Grocery Distribution

• Clothing Pantry

• October Festival

• Thanksgiving Dinner Grocery Distribution 

• Convalescent home holiday support

• Christmas Dinner Grocery Distribution

• Christmas Toys for children 

Our Volunteers

Tarmia Lowe- Community Outreach Ministry Head

Ruth Austin – Registration Administration

Diane Pettaway – Clothing Pantry

All donations are used in helping meet our monthly and annual holiday goals.  

Items needed:

• New/slightly used clothing for infants, children and adults 

• Throw or lap blankets (125 needed)

• Toiletries

• New toys

• Turkeys, Hams, Chickens, and dry/canned goods 

Your donation will help us continue to serve the physical needs of those in the community. 

 Parent’s Community Consortium

The consortium serves families whose students are not succeeding in the Oakland public schools by providing tools to help the parents get involved with closing the achievement gap.


How to get involved at Praise Fellowship

Praise Fellowship Christian Church is looking for dedicated members to participate in all of our ministries. We have the opportunity to work together; to build each other up, and achieve the Vision God has given us. Your involvement is vital to the advancement of our mission to bring LIFE, Love, Involvement, Fellowship, and Education to our church, community and city. Contact any staff member for information.